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College of Risk Management & Protocol

"No good deed goes unpunished, so planning, protocols, and the reduction of risk must be central"

PAST DDs.png
PAST DDs.png

The College of Risk Management and Protocols is designed to train and promote the standing Orders, the Constitution, and the roles and responsibilities associated with pre-intake, intake, and post-intake. This college is the cornerstone of membership expansion, treatment, protocols, reporting, and the role of chapters and brothers in this National process.

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CRM 100: Seminar on Membership Development: This is course is broad and is designed to review the 7-stage process of the intake process and the activities, tasks, actions, and purpose of each level in the process. A greater understanding of the process and how it works will be explored during this course.

CRM 101: Risk Management Seminar: This course is designed to provide an overview of risk management, its importance, and the components of risk management as it relates to the intake process. Specific issues of risk and the reduction of risk are explored in this course.

Certifications Offered
  • Certificate in Risk Management

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