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College of Chapter Management

“Ensuring professional and efficient organizational management”

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The College of Chapter Management is designed to provide key strategies and techniques on how to enhance the overall management of chapters in the Florida District. Additionally, the College of Chapter Management shall encourage greater planning, imaging, and evaluation of chapter efficiency. A greater understanding of the importance of member preparation, leadership, reporting, and guidance are all key elements in the overall chapter management arena.

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CCM 100: Professional Organizational Management: This course is designed to provide an overview of principles of organizational and management and how those apply to chapter management. This course is further designed to have participants assess the organizational management style and to determine what areas can be enhanced or enhanced. 

CCM 101: Systems, Structures, and Information: This course is specifically designed to better understand and review the types of expectations via procedures, forms, and deadlines necessary for smooth, efficient, and timely chapter management. 

Implement the Balanced Brothers-Balanced Chapters Initiative Educational Curriculum

Certifications Offered
  • Certificate in Chapter Management

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